CSA Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery

This course is custom designed for engineers, safety personnel, managers, supervisors, maintenance and equipment purchasing personnel. Although this course focuses on CSA Z432-04 Safeguarding of Machinery Standard, the principles still apply in all international standards such as EN European Standards and OSHA U.S. Standards.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this class, you will:

  • Understand the principles of CSA Z432-04 as it relates to Federal & Provincial Labour Codes and other current applicable standards.
  • Exercise the basic principles of safeguarding and safety control performance to be able to interpret the requirements given in CSA Z432-04 and apply it to machinery.
  • Be able to evaluate the potential for injury or damage to health under hazardous situations presented by machinery in order to select appropriate risk reduction methods and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Select proper machine guarding based on risk, safe stop time principles, cost constraints, maintenance issues, etc.


  • Introduction
  • Labour Codes
  • CSA Z432-04
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazards to Consider
  • Guard Selection
  • Safe Distance & Stop Time
  • Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Area Scanners, Two-Hand Controls
  • Enabling Devices & Hold-to-Run Control
  • Emergency Stop
  • Energy Isolation (Zero-Energy, Motion Lock-out)
  • Safe Access to Machinery
  • Braking Systems, Mechanical Blocking, Counter Weights
  • Warning Devices
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Training


8 hours


Course Material
Each participant will receive their own class binder with all reference material and exercises, so that these can be repeated later.

Hands-On Exercises
Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in group case studies.

Approved by HRPA
Each participant will receive 7.5 CPD hours.

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