This class provides the necessary knowledge, required for operations personnel to understand the basics skills required to navigate through displays, the structure of the HMI, screen interactions, enabling operators to perform machine operational tasks with confidence.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this class, you will:

  • Understand control system components
  • Understand HMI functions
  • Be able to navigate through HMI displays
  • Understand machine operation
  • Be able to switch between Modes & Recovery
  • Be able to initiate manual functions
  • Be able to change operating parameters


  • Terminology used
  • Technologies used with HMI
  • HMI, interaction with process
  • HMI, is only one part of the overall control system
  • HMI, functions
  • Display organization
  • Operation modes


16 hours

Operators, supervisors

Course Material
Each participant will receive their own class binder with all reference material and exercises, so that these can be repeated later.

Hands-On Exercises
Each participant will have the opportunity to work on a simulated process and perform operator required tasks.