This course reviews the CNC hardware functions and examines the technologies connecting the various components. It provides a solid foundation for the CNC and it's components and purpose in machining applications.

Learning Outcomes
The objective of this class is to help each participant learn and demonstrate you are able to create required PMC/NC logic to control a simple machine application. When the machine develops problems, each participant is required to identify the cause and take corrective action.


  • Introduction
  • CNC Overview
  • Responsibility of 160i CNC Controller
  • Hardware, connectivity, software
  • Memory organization, parameters
  • Responsibility of NC
  • Software (Part Program, Custom Macro B)
  • NC Part Program, part program basics
  • Part programming formats, application example
  • PMC to NC communication
  • Addressing, memory organization
  • NC to PMC, PMC to NC
  • PMC Processor responsibility
  • Software FAPT Ladder III
  • Ladder Logic, FAPT Ladder III programming
  • Application example
  • HSSB
  • Ladder editing Software
  • Servo/Spindle drives
  • Hardware, connections, configuration
  • Motors/Feedback, Linear Scale feedback
  • Machine Tools, connection interfaces
  • Maintenance/Setup interface
  • LCD, CRT, Link adapter
  • Operator interface, OI PC, C++ Display
  • Reference material, glossary


40 hours

Maintenance electricians, Controls/Application engineers

Course Material
Each participant will receive their own class binder with all reference material and exercises, so that these can be repeated later.

Hands-On Exercises
Customer specific