Safety Upgrades

We provide machine safety system upgrades and safety device integration which are required in today’s industrial environment in order to meet current standards. Maintaining a safe production environment is essential to protecting a company's bottom line, employee's health and safety, along with a company's reputation and assets. Whether you are installing new or modifying existing equipment or processes, or taking a proactive approach to workplace safety we can help you to meet your machine and process safety challenges.

Where necessary, protective measures must be implemented to protect operators and maintenance people from hazards such as crushing, shearing, cutting, clamping, trapping, perforation, pinching, puncturing etc. a Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction process must be completed. During this Risk Assessment process, the following must be evaluated.

  1. Identify/document/review operation/maintenance tasks
  2. Catalog associated risks for each
  3. Conduct a Risk Assessment based for each task and associated hazards in accordance with applicable standards
  4. Develop and Implement Risk Reduction strategies
  5. Re-evaluation of risk until residual risk is viewed as ‘tolerable’.

We have the expertise to deliver solutions for machine, process or production line safety upgrades. Our commitment is to provide a “safety first” approach throughout the safety upgrade cycle including design, panel build, programming, installation, commissioning, training, final acceptance testing (FAT), documentation and training stages of each project.