Modern processes require well-trained, highly skilled maintenance people who are key elements of the overall competitive strategy. Unfamiliarity, particularly due to lack of training under abnormal conditions, often contributes to production loss. This Training Simulator provides the opportunity for your maintenance staff to gain and maintain skills to effectively cope with difficult situations. This helps your people solve problems faster, reduce start-up time, improve plant operations, minimize plant upsets and control emergency situations.

The GE-9030 simulator is designed for portability. All the hardware is mounted inside a heavy-duty airtight/watertight carrying case that can easily be moved to any location in your facility. The airtight/watertight case is constructed from “heavy duty” plastic, includes an E-Z Purge pressure control valve and a GFI for added safety. All our simulators are CSA approved.


  • Increase classroom training effectiveness
  • Provides a learning tool for people to use and improve their skills 24 hours per day
  • Helps learn/improve/debug existing application without process interference

Simulator Hardware

  • 5-Slot PLC Base with CPU311
  • PWR321 PLC Power Supply
  • MDL645 (16 point) Input Module
  • MDL740 (16 point) Output Module
  • 16 Indicator Lamps
  • 16 Push Buttons
  • 7mA trip GFI for added safety
  • High Impact, Airtight/Watertight case