ITS PLC Training Simulator

This interactive training simulation system for PLC’s, PAC’s and PC-Based control systems, brings immersive games-based technology to learning, research and development. Five learning systems provide visual simulation using virtual sensors and actuators controlled by your PLC/PAC or PC. You program your PLC/PAC/PC to control each virtual system as if it was a real system. The data is exchanged between your PLC/PAC/PC and the Virtual System using a data acquisition board with 32 isolated I/O channels and USB interface.

Precision offers ITS PLC as a complete training system bundled with the PLC of your choice, or simulator software only. With the package option, you receive a fully assembled, wired and tested system installed in a high impact case for added protection and mobility.

Offered as a stand-alone software package, or as a complete fully functional training simulator with the PLC of your choice...