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PRECISION TRAINING, PRODUCTS & SERVICES INC. supports its customised training offerings by providing design and build of customised training simulators. Our training simulators are used in our customers training environment and enhance the learning experience by simulating specific trouble shooting techniques utilizing the exact automation devices found on the plant floor. This highly successful method of educating maintenance electricians, technicians and controls engineers, has earned PRECISION a preferred training supplier status with all of our customers.
The following are examples of some of the training simulators designed and built by PRECISION

Another unique aspect of our training offering is a 3D Software Simulation Tool called FACTORY I/O. This training tool allows us to bring the plant floor right into the classroom. The menu driven aspect of FACTORY I/O means that the software can be configured to simulate the exact plant floor environment which is a major benefit to the course attendees. By incorporating physics and plant application sounds into the software, students have no trouble associating the classroom lessons with the plant floor environment they work in each day. This unique 3D Software Simulation Tool is available exclusively from PRECISION.

As with our customized simulators, the software is ultimately owned by our customer so that future training requirements i.e. for new employees and or for providing refresher courses can be accomplished on our customers’ time frame. Many of our customers find that the PRECISION Simulators and the 3D Software Tool can be useful in qualifying new recruits.