Build Automation
The real time sandbox for automation training Factory I/O brings a completely new set of features that have been requested by customers throughout the years. For the first time in the industrial automation training sector it’s simple to create your own systems as well as to use one of the already pre-built editable ones. All the components’ I/O points can be accessed and controlled externally by any third party technology through Connect I/O.Get Flexible Automation Training
Create your own systems using over 30 components. With Factory I/O anyone can build their own systems using the components provided. The software works as a sandbox where you can build from simple to very complex industrial systems. Use more than 30 components of different types such as actuators, sensors, stations, etc. The list will continue to grow as new components are added.
Brand New Features
Pre-built editable systems: There are several ready to be used industrial systems in Factory I/O based on what’s commonly found in the industry. You can edit those or use them as inspiration to create your own.
Binary and analogue variables: The variables you can control are now binary and analogue allowing open and closed loop control.
Flexibility Meets Accessibility
Connect external technologies: Use Connect I/O to control Factory I/O using the included SoftPLC or external technologies, such as PLC, microcontrollers, DAQ boards, among many others. Accessible and expandable software: The Real Games approach to simulations is to develop an open environment which can be accessed and expanded by anyone. The Engine I/O is a .NET Framework assembly (DLL), which enables inter-process communication (IPC) between simulations and external technologies which can be software (MATLAB, LabVIEW, …) or hardware (Arduino, Raspberry, etc.).
Enhance Your Educational Tools
Practice on common industrial equipment: The simulations have state-of-the-art graphics, physics and dynamic sound providing users with a realistic experience inspired by common industrial equipment. Share your systems: You can share what is being created during the entire process. This brings in a community aspect as people can exchange systems, exercises and increase their learning tools.
Factory I/O is the world’s first flexible simulator that allows an incredible amount of features and extends through several fields of automation training. A teacher can build a specific system for a class or students can build their own systems as the solution for a problem. Factory I/O is a very valuable tool for automation training in schools and universities, but also in industrial enterprises for internal training.